Firenze – Ponte Vecchio


Everybody has an image of Italy often associated with classical art cities, landscapes, history. Our goal is to take you to Italy giving you the chance to “live” this country, to be immerse in its atmosphere, to blend among its history, culture and costumes. Centuries cannot be explored in few days, dedicate your vacation to explore portion of the Country in slow-motion in order for you to fully appreciate what is around you and make your trip an experience that you will never forget.

Our trip proposal – services

ItalyBeyond features the widest and best choice of original stays, tours, packages that have been assembled and managed creating an extended network of service providers all specialized in their hospitality fields. Choosing the places where the stays are reserved, you will not find famous hotel chains because we believe they do not represent at best the Italian hospitality. Instead you will stay in historic houses, active farms, mansions, boutique and fashionable bed and breakfast where you will have the chance to interact with the owners…this is all part of the experience that our packages want you to try. Our packages then are enriched with activities, excursions, visits, courses, tastings….. and the food, the wine…… are you sure you want to go? You may not want to come back!

How does it work

Everything is tailor-made and based on your needs and profiles. We publish rates “starting from..” to give you a good idea of the packages costs but we encourage you, after having explored our website, to fill the form linked in every page and submit to our experts your “wish list”. We will elaborate for you some proposal (at no cost) and work together with you in order to find the best solutions based on your requirements.


Once you will leave for Italy, Italybeyond office in italy will be able to give you all support needed to make your trip a flawless experience.